First FAC Youth Blog Announcements


6 thoughts on “First FAC Youth Blog Announcements

  1. Y’all are having way too much fun working together! LOL! That is a blessing to see. Have a great rest of the week and congrats to both of you.

  2. I just emailed FOX News…. now they know.
    I also phoned radio-free Canada (beamed in from Montana) – so Keldy’s family can find out too!

    Congrats Jeremy!
    Thanks Stevie!

  3. Jeremy, We’re excited for you! Is this where we respond for your coffee question of the week? We (Jeho and I) both take it with sugar and evaporated milk – the BEST creamer! So, we’re hoping to get some great java this week! Put me in the hat, bro! You got any Puerto Rican coffee?

  4. Nora, you have to respond on the coffee blog to enter the contests! That contest is already over though 😦

    You can just subscribe to the coffee blog and you’ll get updates whenever I post another contest!


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