Doe River Gorge Summer Camp

The following is an email I sent to students and parents whose information I have been given. I am posting it here in case anyone has fallen through the cracks!


If you are receiving this email, either you or your son or daughter have shown interest in attending the Doe River Gorge Summer Camp with the FAC Youth. Here are the quick facts about the camp:

Dates: July 15-20
Cost: $350 per camper (scholarships available, if needed)
Location: Doe River Gorge, Hampton, TN

We have already put down deposits on 16 spots–eight boys, eight girls. We cannot guarantee availability beyond that, so we will give those on a first come first serve basis. All I need is a verbal commitment and its yours! There is a good possibility that there will be more spots, just no guarantee. It would be extremely helpful if you could let me whether or not you/your child is able to go at your earliest convenience. If spots fill fast, I’ll go ahead and put down some more deposits. So if you could respond to this email with one of the three answers, i would greatly appreciate it:

Definite yes.
Definite no.
Thanks and God bless!

Jeremy Spainhour


2 thoughts on “Doe River Gorge Summer Camp

  1. Jeremy,

    What age span are you opening this opportunity up to?
    High School? Going into 9th – graduating Seniors? or junior high kids too…
    I admit to not knowing what FAC Youth actually means… does that include any kids in Route 56 or I78?

    Just checking..

    Thanks for doing this..


    1. Jon,

      At this point, we have decided to open up the trip from 7-12 (including seniors who will grad this year). We have put a deposit down on 16 spots and we have only about five confirmed students. We don’t want to be stuck eating those deposits, and it really is a hassle for the camp, as well, a camp with which we want to build a long-term relationship. That said…it’d be great if we could get all the Kulaga boys to go 🙂

      There’s enough space and enough to do at the camp that I really don’t think it will be an issue to have this span of age groups. I spoke with the camp again yesterday and they said the majority of the ages attending will be 9-12, because a few youth groups will be coming. They will try to divide the cabins up according to ages, so I think it will work out well.

      For the record, FAC Youth, in this case, will normally refer to 9-12.



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