Sexual Purity Discussion videos (1, 2 and 3))

We wanted to post the videso on our Sexual Purity discussion from last week.

I gave a 15 minute foundational teaching then we had a panel of Jenny and myself and Daniel Rehner and Kat Barennes (an engaged couple from theMIX).  Then Mark Day gave a testimony on his journey towards sexual purity.  Because of the length we were only able to post my teaching and the testimonial. The panel discussion was too long to post.

Click here for the 1st video.

(at approx min 7:30 I was unable to clarify what I wanted to say about the teens need for sexual purity. What I had down to say was that if any of these teens do not desire to follow God and their hearts are not surrendered to God, then they are not expected to live by God’s standard of purity.  The world can act like the world because it does not know or follow God. So for any of our teens who have not committed their hearts to God, they don’t have to feel obligated to pursue sexual purity.  However, to follow after God is by definition to desire what He desires which includes sexual purity… just wanted to clear myself up!)  How would you as parents/caregivers articulate this?

Click here for the 2nd video.

Click here for the 3rd video (Mark’s testimony)


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