Doe River Gorge


I wanted to follow up with everyone regarding the Doe River Gorge camping trip. I am currently reserving spots for the following students (if there has been a change of plans, please let me know otherwise!):

Jacob Dorrell
Jake Cunningham
Carson Roach
Trevor Harlow
Jerod Crocket
Caleb Long
Devin Olique
John DeMoody
Lucas Ballard
Tevin Owten

Tanner Sunny

Paul Lewis

Ellaina Long
Anna Foldy
Meredith Crocket
Maddie Frank
Kayla Taylor
Heidi Menefee
The Church paid for sixteen $50 nonrefundable deposits for eight guys and eight girls. If I could get a $50 deposit for each student represented by Sunday, it would be tremendously helpful to lock in a headcount. Right now, we are four over with the guys, so I will have to reserve two more spaces (if possible), unless one or two of the guys on the list do not plan to go. Please let me know at your earliest convenience!

So if you have not yet paid your $50 deposit, please bring it to church on Sunday.



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