Updated Doe River Gorge List

Hello All!

Below is a list of the updated Doe River Gorge list. We are so excited for this camp! We really believe God is going to move in the lives of each student who attends!

If you want to be added or removed, please let me know as soon as possible. If you are going and have not payed
your $50 deposit, please drop it off or mail it to the church (2201 Old Higbee Mill Road Lexington, KY 40514) within the next few days. The camp wants a confirmed list of names, so I’m making the absolute cut off date July 1. Please have your deposits in by then.

  • John Demoore
  • Julie Berisha
  • Jesse Seales
  • Anna Foldy
  • Jacob Dorrell
  • Carson Roach
  • Tanner Sunny
  • Caleb Long
  • Ellie Long
  • Jerod Crocket
  • Meredith Crocket
  • Jake Cunningham
  • Meredith Frank
  • Maddie Frank
  • Noah Dixon
  • Jonah Dixon
  • Paul Lewis
  • Matt Marcum




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