Opportunity for Doe River Gorge Camp Scholarships

Greetings All!

I wanted to write to inform you all about an opportunity for camp scholarships. I recently received an email from Ed Early, the Director of Operations for the Isaiah House, a rehabilitation ministry for recovering addicts. Jamie and Dan Lewis and I visited IH during our Commonwealth Compassion Bridge Tour, when Jamie and I rode our bikes across Kentucky to raise awareness for the ministries the Commonwealth Compassion Bridge supports. We got to see first hand the amazing work that IH does through the testimonies of its participants. God is doing great things in and through the people there!

Ed wrote because he IH needs volunteers to help out at the Kentucky Speedway on June 30. To raise money for their ministry, IH brings volunteers to the KY Speedway and are compensated for their services. This is a way for them to raise money to stay in operation, since they are a non-profit ministry. Here is the letter from Ed:

In regards to the KY Speedway trip I need 40-50 men or women to scan tickets and check coolers at the gates.  The race is on June 30th and the volunteers would need to be there by 8am.  There will be snacks and drinks provided and they will be fed 1-2 times depending on the duration of the race…they will be given “race bucks” which can be used inside the track to purchase anything other than alcohol.  We can use anyone 16 yrs old and older.  I appreciate all you help and may the LORD bless you for your work.

This will last from 9:00am-9:00pm, but the shifts can be split in two, and the rest of the day you can enjoy the races! Unfortunately, I will not be able to lead the group, due to prior commitments, so we will need parent(s) to volunteer. What’s in it for you? For students who volunteer, we are offering a $100 scholarship toward the Doe River Gorge camping trip. If you are not going on the trip, you can still volunteer your services to help another student in financial need get to camp! For parents who volunteer, we will award a $100 scholarship for your child, if he or she is attending the DRG camp; if they are not, we will allot that money toward a general fund for the trip, as well.

This means, a parent/child combo would be $200 (of the $350) toward the trip! Two parents and a child, you’ve almost got the camp payed for!

Please email me as soon as possible, if you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity. My new church email address is: jeremys@faclex.com (please use this email for all future correspondance).

Thanks and God bless!



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