Doe River Gorge Packing List

Below I have posted Doe River Gorge’s packing list for the camp. One of the things you’ll notice is a section for prohibited items. Included in these items are basically all electronic gaming, music, and even communication devices. I know this will be culture shock for many of the students, but I want to encourage both parents and students to recognize that one of the greatest values of this trip is the opportunity to get unplugged. We are in relationship with a God who cannot [regularly] be seen or heard with with eyes and ears, and yet we live in a world that keeps our eyes and ears in constant stimulation. I expect that the opportunities during this week for solitude and silence, for repose and reflection, will hold great potential for connecting with God in a new and unique way, potential that truly could be robbed if students stay glued to visual and audible stimuli. I also think it will help the kids be able to enter into the relationships, the Bible studies, the worship, the activities, and just overall atmosphere of the camp. The last thing I want this camp to be like the family that takes a trip to the beach trip and stays in their hotel watching TV instead of taking advantage of the all their environment has to offer. My hope is that we could set this week apart as a time to enter in to all that God has for us, to  get in touch with ourselves and the Spirit of God, and to do so with as little distractions as possible.

Of course, we will be right there with the students and will have our phones available, if necessary. If you do not have my/Keldy’s number and would like it, please just email me at

How to Pack
Please pack all items in soft-shell luggage or duffle bag, if possible, for easy storage (2 bags
maximum, please!). Be sure to label ALL ITEMS clearly using nametags, labels or marker, to ensure things return home with you!


All Students Bring:
 Sleeping Bag
 1 Flat Sheet and 1 Blanket
 Pillow and Pillowcase
 Bath Towel and Wash Cloth
 Soap, Shampoo, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Toiletries
 Pajamas
 Underwear and Socks (lots)
 1-2 Pairs Athletic/Tennis Shoes
 Sandals (with heel strap) and Flip-Flops (for shower)
 Windbreaker or Jacket, and hooded Raincoat or Poncho
 Swimming Trunks (guys), modest one-piece Bathing Suit (girls)
 Beach Towel
 8-10 Short-Sleeved Shirts and 1-2 Sweatshirts
 5 pairs of modest Shorts and 2 pairs of Long Pants
 1 pair of clothes that can get very muddy and possibly thrown away
 Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Bug-Spray
 Flashlight
 Laundry Bag and a separate bag for wet clothes
 Bible, Pen, Journal or Notebook
 Prescription Medicine in original container with instructions
 Optional: Hat, Bandana, Water Bottle, Camera, Nose or Ear Plugs for water, Spending Money
 If you have your own riding helmet, feel free to bring it!


Prohibited Items:
 Over-The-Counter Medications, Vitamins
 Cell Phones, Handheld Games, Laptops, Pagers
 Radio, CD Player, MP3 Player or iPod
 Food, Gum, or Energy Drinks
 Alcoholic Beverages, Tobacco Products, Illegal Drugs
 Knives, Firearms, Fireworks


*Although not prohibited, jewelry, valuables, and cash are discouraged. Doe River Gorge cannot be held responsible for these
items in the event of loss or theft.


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