Room for One More?

I’m happy to report that we have arrived at the Doe River Gorge, all 23 of us safe and sound…well, actually all 24 of us! Laura Demoor came along with her parents, Mark and Cathy, just for the ride to drop off John, but when she got here she was bummed that she hadn’t signed up for the camp. So after finding out that there was one extra bed in the girls cabin, I asked her if she wanted to sign up then and there. She didn’t take me seriously at first, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned about God in my years with him, it’s that he doesn’t mind messing with peoples’ plans for the sake of his own. So after assuring her that I wasn’t joking, she said she wanted that she would love to…but she didn’t have any clothes or toiletries or sleeping bag, etc., etc., etc. So Keldy offered to share all her stuff and Mark and Cathy said they would run to Wal-Mart to get the essentials. And because they were here, she was able to get all the forms signed and paid for on the spot! Needless to say, she stayed! Could you believe God has a plan for Laura this week?!



5 thoughts on “Room for One More?

  1. Thanks for sharing that, Jeremy! Rejoicing with Laura that God had a bed saved for her and everything fell into place! Praying over you all this week!

    1. We are so happy that this all worked out! We are thanking God for this unexpected blessing, and we will pray, as Stevie says, for more of the same all week for Laura, John, and all their friends, old and new. Thank you also, Jeremy and Keldy, for your sweet flexibility that made Laura feel welcome in an unexpected situation, and also I thank God for my very easy -going husband of 25 years (as of July 25th!) for putting up with our craziness time after time over the years and never complaining; I don’t think getting home at 1 in the morning was exactly on his agenda for yesterday!

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