Panel Discussion on Christian Witness in an Unbelieving World


Last week we had a great service led by Randy Hardman, a student at Asbury Theological Seminary who has done most of his research in apologetics. The discussion was on the Christian Witness in an Unbelieving World: Can Christians speak intelligently to atheists about their faith? One of the ways he got the students thinking about speaking to atheists was by playing devil’s advocate, asking the students to convince him that Christianity is reasonable, while he played the part of an atheist, responding as one. After about 20-25 minutes of that, he, as it were, became God’s advocate and helped them to think in more effective ways about how to speak to atheists about the Christian faith.

Because of the great discussion this generated, and because we will not have time for a full service this Sunday on account of our students get prayed for in the adult service, I have invited Randy back, along with two others to be on a panel. This time, we are going to ask the students to prepare questions for us, so that they can grill us with all the questions they are being or will be grilled with at their schools. So relay the message to them, and I will as well, to begin thinking about some of the hardest faith questions that they have been asked and have not felt confident in answering, so that we can, with God’s help, better equip them to be bold Christian witnesses in an unbelieving world!




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