THIS Sunday (Sept. 16)–Praying for Senior High in The Second Service

The staff has made a few changes in the order of worship over the next few weeks, since Kerry will be leaving us to go to Africa for three weeks! One of those changes is that we will be praying for the senior high students this Sunday (Sept. 16) during the second service. This will be a special day, as adults in our church will be adopting your kids to prayer for them. What a powerful example of the community of faith!

If your children have not been to the last either Weds. or Sun. service (or if they simply declined), then we do not have a picture of them for the prayer cards! If you could just double check with them to make sure they got their pictures taken in the past week, then we should have everyone accounted for. If you have a child who has not gotten his or her picture taken, please send a mug shot of of him or her ASAP!

God’s Peace,



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