Order for Sunday (Punctuality of Particular Import!)

I thought it would be a good idea if the kids could worship alongside the adult congregation this Sunday, since we will be asking the congregation to commit to praying for them. I got the green light but was reminded that it will be very important the kids are on time this Sunday, since we will need to coming in as one group (not as one group with a bunch of stragglers, which would be very distracting).

So if you can encourage the your kids to be in the youth room ready to line up at 10:45 on the dot, that would be great!

Looking forward to it!



2 thoughts on “Order for Sunday (Punctuality of Particular Import!)

  1. We’ll be there and grateful for the prayer support. But wanted to add a note to say that a number of our teens already attend the 9:00 worship service (with families or sitting as a group) AND then come to the high school dept 2nd service. For those kids/families this Sunday will mean teens either sit thru 2 worship services or families find something different for them to do. See you Sunday at 10:45.

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