Life Groups and Leaders

Below is the list of our Life Groups and corresponding leaders. Everyone should already know at least one of their leaders and his or her contact information. If you do not know this information and have not arranged for meeting Wednesday night, please call or text me (336.689.9635), so we can make sure you get situated where you need to be!

Jenn Druetzler / Rachel Taylor 

Morgan Hillis

Bailey Brown

Anna Vetters

Baily Brown

Claire Panter

Katie Woods

Zoe Mays

Rebekah Giddens

Esther Putman

Phoenix Gosper

Heidi Menefee

Magen Oliver

Tabitha Streby / Courtney Ragozine

Kayla Taylor

Sarah Dorrell

Julia Taylor

Liria Berisha

Julie Berisha

Kaylee Childer

Ellie Long

Meredith Frank

Sascha Stryker

Sarah Hoffman

Shelly Crist / Alex Richards / Anne Corey Johnson

Whitney Renfroe

Keleyann Stackhouse

Anna Foldy

Mary Catherine Lewis

Sara Owens

Madeline Matlock

Marcia Buarte

Kristin Rinehart

Sarah McInteere

Allison Mackey

Jason / Sam / Chas

Nick Kulaga

Andrew Nessleroade

Devin Olique

Austin Jenkins

Stefan Stryker

Jesse Seales

Jamie Lewis

Aaron Schlenther

Shane Napier

Mark Matthews / Ryan Douglas

Peter Kirk

Jake Cunningham

Caleb Long

John DeMoor

Lucas Ballard

Jeremiah Law

Dalton Roach

Tanner Sunny

Jason Davis

Jacob Dorrell / David Gooding

Brian Davis

Paul Lewis

Justin Iler

Drew Rinehart

Jerod Crockett

John Gosper

Josh Cochran


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