Headcount For Fall Retreat: PLEASE RESPOND!

Hello All!

I’m trying to get a precise headcount for the Fall Retreat to plan for food and to pay the Bluegrass Christian Camp. Please comment below or email me (jeremys@faclex.com) to confirm that your child/ren will be going.



P.S. Medical forms and permission slips are in the header above, as always.


9 thoughts on “Headcount For Fall Retreat: PLEASE RESPOND!

  1. John and Phoenix are going

    Major John Gosper 204 Second Platoon Station 11 859 278 8124

    -Omar Bradley : “Bravery is the capacity to perform properly even when scared half to death.”

  2. Good Morning Jeremy,

    Jake Cunningham is planning to be at the retreat. Please pay from our Kroger account. I’m fairly certain all medical/permission forms are current for Jake. Please let me know if that is not the case and I will be sure to complete those before Friday.

    Thanks so much! Pam

  3. Kelleyann will be coming to the retreat. Please pay from our Kroger account — I have informed Deb McInteer.

    Should the kids bring a snack to share? Is it okay if they do?

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