LIFE Conference–RENEW: July 9-13 (Please Respond)

Nuts and Bolts:

This year Life will be in St. Louis, MO (July 9-13). Between now and March 31 the cost is $415 per person, after which it will be $430. Check out the C&MA Life Website for more details.

My Radar: 

It is important that I know what students will be attending. Please email me if you/your child(ren) are a ‘yes’ or a ‘maybe’ ( 


  • If ‘yes’, please indicate if you think you will be able to pay by March 31.
  • If ‘maybe’please indicate when you think you will know for sure, if possible.

This will help my planning greatly. Thanks!



3 thoughts on “LIFE Conference–RENEW: July 9-13 (Please Respond)

  1. Sascha will likely attend. Need to talk to her about it. If Stefan doesn’t do GSP, which is five weeks, he is also a possibility.

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