Youth Fundraiser Rescheduled to May 5

A conflict came up for using the gym on April 28, so the Youth Fundraiser will be rescheduled for May 5. Details below.

If you have anything you would like to (or would be willing to!) donate, please let me know! In the fall, we had a HUGE success. I’m hoping for the same this spring! These fundraisers help us do many things we would not otherwise be able to do (including LIFE!). More importantly, they help students in our Youth who do not come from homes with much money to spare to be able to participate in all that we do. ALSO, there is not a single big event that we do not subsidize–and almost all of that money comes from our Youth Auctions. So anything you can donate that might help us to raise a few bucks or a fortune will be much appreciated!

Definite Needs–please respond here or by email if you can help provide any of the following:


  1. Paintball guns/paraphernalia
  2. Grills for burgers and dogs
  3. Volunteers for childcare
  4. Stuff to Auction off!

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