Youth Fundraiser Update: Still Need Sides / Childcare :)


First of all, thanks so much to everyone who has offered to pitch in!

I’m still running pretty short on sides. I’ll have to purchase enough to compensate for what we do not have, which will cut into our profit for the Missions fund. Maybe you know someone you could call who doesn’t subscribe to the blog but would be willing to bring a side. Maybe your son/daughter could make something as well.

Also, I still need some volunteers for childcare. Let me know if you could help in that way!

Thanks so much!




8 thoughts on “Youth Fundraiser Update: Still Need Sides / Childcare :)

  1. Roach family will bring a side! Hoping to be able to stay but have a couple of conflicts already.

  2. Jeremy, I can bring some sides. I will bring a chopped green salad and some other side. I have a lot of food allergies; trust me it will be flavorful and something I can eat. The sides I bring usually serve up to 12.

    See you Sunday.

    Kim Brown

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  3. Jeremy, I don’t know if you got my previous email about my husband being able to bring his BBQ grill. I can bring a dessert and a side.

    Shannon Chilver


  4. That’d be great if he could bring a grill! Could he drop it off in front of the side gym door? Let me know if he is available to grill (starting at 11:00). If not, I can try to find someone to cover.


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