Dr. Dave Currie to Speak for Youth This Wednesday / Followup from Fundraiser

Dr. Dave Currie to Speak

Make sure your kids don’t miss this Wednesday. Our guest speaker will be my father in-law, Dr. Dave Currie, president of Doing Family Right and expert on marriage and family and Christian worldview. You can read more about his background here. To watch one of his sermons (“Passing the Faith to the Next Generation”), click here, or for a shorter clip but great challenge for all of us, click here.

We will be having burgers and dogs and chips and the like, so it should be a great time all around!


Followup from Fundraiser

Thanks SO MUCH to all who helped this weekend. We raised $2,316, which was matched anonymously, making our total $4,632!

In case you missed this weekend, one of the ways I am raising funds for the youth is by running an ultramarathon, a 125 km. (80 mi.), 24-hour foot race in the Canadian Rockies. I collected pledges at the luncheon on Sunday–a number people pledged to donate a dollar amount per kilometer (anywhere from $.50 to $5.00). If you would be interested in making a pledge-per-km., just shoot me an email (jeremys@faclex.com) and I’ll include you in the email loop. To learn more about the Canadian Death Race, click here.




2 thoughts on “Dr. Dave Currie to Speak for Youth This Wednesday / Followup from Fundraiser

  1. Jeremy:

    Can you please confirm what is going on with the youth this summer. We had decided with Morgen that she was not going to Life this summer — we are hoping she will have a job. Then something came up about a Toronto mission trip and we said that she could do that. She then told us last night that she was signed up for Life and that the Toronto trip was not until next summer. Needless to say, one can’t plan life and schedules with that kind of vagueness. We really need more than just week-to-week planning but that is what we feel we are getting. Thanks, Steve Hillis ________________________________

  2. Sorry for the inconvenience, Steve. I first announced LIFE on this blog (and many times since) back in September (https://youthfac.wordpress.com/2012/09/16/life-2013-get-the-early-bird-registration-ends-93012-395/), so I assume you are just referring to the Toronto trip. Otherwise, please help me to know what information you are not getting specifically, so I can improve my communication as regards planning.

    Unfortunately, I am still working out the details of the Toronto trip, which has involved some delays in my correspondance with my contact person. I do recognize that due time is needed for planning, but we have only this week been able to confirm dates. I am now trying to work out accommodations–hoping to stay for free at the Church so as to reduce the overall costs. But in light of your comment, I will go ahead a post a blog regarding the dates but will have to give the final cost next week.

    Thank you for voicing your concern. It only helps me know how to improve. Never hesitate to call (336-689-9635) or email (jeremys@faclex.com) if you have any particular questions or concerns.



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