On Toronto: Needing a Critical Mass to Make It Happen (and Costs)

Regarding the Toronto Trip (see announcement here), at this point I have only had one student show interest in going. We need ten people total, which means at least six students–I anticipate four total adults (college+ age) going.

The cost of the trip is $300, which will cover all expenses minus food and snacks for the road.

I need commitments by June 3 in the form of a $50 deposit. If we do not go, Joy City Church will need ample time to find another team for the week.

Even if you are only interested at this point, please send me an email (jeremys@faclex.com) so I can take a pulse to see whether or not this trip is likely going to happen.



3 thoughts on “On Toronto: Needing a Critical Mass to Make It Happen (and Costs)

  1. Jeremy — as usual, plans continually change with us. Morgen will not be able to go to Toronto for that trip but is wanting to go to LIFE now. What do you need from us regarding LIFE? Can we register her on line? If so, how? ________________________________

  2. No problem, Steve. Registration will go through the church, due to the [rather inconvenient!] way the LIFE Conference powers that be require us to get a hotel through them. I’m taking deposits ($100) currently to reserve spots. Just get me that at your earliest convenience and she’s good to go.


  3. Hi Jeremy! I am interested in going, but I’m not sure how the logistics will work. I’ll probably have moved to Indiana by that time. Whitney

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