Events to Take Note of On the Summer Calendar (cf. Event & Preaching Calendar Tab)

Below are important events that can all be found on the summer calendar. Comments or questions welcomed below!

1. No Youth Service this Sunday. This Sunday (May 21) the Youth will join their families in the main service! 

2. The Wednesday Night “Non-Life Group” Gatherings (catchy, I know…): “Non-Life Group” designates the Weds. night summer “Life Group” Gatherings that are not Life Group specific, but will still be life giving to the group! We will meet as one, big, enmeshed, mob, gathered around Christ, to strengthen group unity as a whole and break down walls that can sometimes form when the group is divided throughout the year. No food will be served at the Non-Life Group Gatherings.

3. Rising Freshman to Join Senior High Youth June 2. Make sure your kids don’t miss the “slave exchange” on June 2, where Deb Mackay will “deliver” the rising freshman out of Egypt and into the Wilderness opposite the Red Sea, where they will become “slaves of righteousness!” (cf. Ex. 20; Rom. 6).

4. Summer Series: Old Testament Children Stories: Rated: M. For MATURE Audiences Only. This summer will we be revisiting all those Old Testament stories of God’s saving acts that are so often taught with a blind eye to the problem which gave occasion for his salvation in the first place. That problem: humans! The goal will be to orient the youth to the serious reality of human sinfulness and the infinitely more serious reality of God’s grace, which is at work to free us from both the guilt of sin and the power of sin. This will in turn help prepare us for our selected New Testament text(s) in the fall (TBD). Specific stories are detailed in calendar.

5. LIFE Conference (July 9-13): Still spots available if your child is interested–rising freshman welcome! Details here (ignore the cutoff date but I do need to know by the end of this week!).

6. Toronto–Joy City Church VBS Missions Trip: Still only a potential trip unless we get more people wanting to go. Let me know if you are interested as soon as possible! Details here and here.

7. Our official Wednesday night Life Group Kickoff will be September 4.

May your summer be filled with the joy of the Lord!



2 thoughts on “Events to Take Note of On the Summer Calendar (cf. Event & Preaching Calendar Tab)

  1. What are the dates and times for the Wed PM “Non-Life Group Gatherings?” I assume it’s not every week?

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