Update: Money Raising, Death Training :)


Just an FYI. I’ve gotten pledges totaling $8 for every kilometer I complete in the Canadian Death Race (elevation / distance map above), a 125 km. (appx. 80 mi.) ultramarathon I am running on August 3-4 in the Canadian Rocky Mountains of Alberta, CA to raise money for the FAC Youth. Assuming I complete the race, which may be assuming too much(!), that is a total of $1,000 for the Youth scholarship fund!

If you weren’t at the Youth Fundraiser this year and/or would like to make a pledge ($.25 per km.? $.50 per km.? $1.00 per km.? More?), please contact me with a pledge amount and I’ll include you in the email loop (email: jeremy.spainhour@gmail.com / subject: Death Race Fundraiser).

Training update: This Friday’s training run should be a doozy. 31 mi., appx. 16,000 ft. elevation change in the Smokies (elevation/distance map below).at-elevation-profile


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