LIFE Update: List of Attendees, [NEW!] Discounted Price, Last Chance to Reserve a Spot!

Our group for LIFE is stacking up nicely! See the list at the bottom of the page.

I’m happy to announce that in the past month the Kroger Card income seems to be making a trend upward from that initial drop following the infamous announcement back in January. That says to me that you guys still see the value in contributing to the group as a whole–very encouraging! [Stay tuned for a plan I have for the Kroger cards where we will attempt to get the whole church involved!]

This enables me to substantially subsidize this (and other) youth events. That said, I will be knocking off $150 from the cost of each student’s registration fee, making the total cost for LIFE $350. 

I’m hoping this discounted price will cause those who were initially deterred by the $500 price tag to reconsider sending your childHowever, if I may take one more whack at a very dead horse, money should never deter you/your child from participating in events like this, since we have the resources to help financially as much as is needed! If $350 is still too steep, email me ( and we will work something out!

So IT’S NOT TOO LATE to add you/your child to the list, but I need to know no later than Friday morning, because we will be registering the group on Friday. 

Here’s the lineup at this point: 

  1. Jeremy Spainhour
  2. Keldy Spainhour
  3. Sascha Stryker
  4. Ellie Long
  5. Maddie Frank
  6. Meredith Frank
  7. Allison Mackey
  8. Drew Rinehart
  9. Matt Morris
  10. Nick Kulaga
  11. Carson Roach
  12. Bailey Brown
  13. Morgan Hillis
  14. Jason Davis
  15. Brian Davis

P.S. If you have paid more than $350 already, you will be refunded accordingly.



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