Loading, Sending & Drinking…as a Family

To Parents and Students,

On July 5, the Renfroe’s need our help loading up a moving truck. They are packing up and moving out! While they will be greatly missed, we know God has unique plans for them in IN–you need to hear their testimony of how it all came together. It’s incredible.

If you are in town, it’d be great for parents and kids to come together to help to show our support, pray for and send off the Renfroe family in God’s good graces. After we finish, we’ll all head to Tastebuds for milkshakes–my treat!

Can you make it? Respond below. 



7 thoughts on “Loading, Sending & Drinking…as a Family

  1. Jeremy, Madeline and Raleigh both say they want to help. Please let me know if it’s okay about Raleigh helping–he’s an 8th grader. Madeline is available as long as needed, but Raleigh can only help till 12:30 or so. Thanks. Robin Matlock

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