*LIFE Conference: Forms, Itinerary, Packing List, Attendee List


Below are the attached forms required for all students attending LIFE. The medical consent and medical release forms have been updated from previous years and must be filled out for each student. Old medical forms are now obsolete.


Below is the attached itinerary for the conference, as well as departure / return and hotel information.

  • Departure 
  • 9:30 am (Tuesday)–meet at FAC
  • 9:30-10:00–gather forms, pack, kiss goodbye
  • 10:00 am–depart for Renaissance St. Louis Grand Hotel (800 Washington Avenue St. Louis, Missouri 63101)–appx. 6 hrs. 
  • Arrival 
  • Between 4:00-5:00 pm (Sunday)–pick up kids at FAC. 

Packing List

  • Bible and journal (non-digital is highly encouraged)
  • Water bottle
  • Some spending money (your discretion), including $20 for road trip meals.
  • Clothes/shoes appropriate for being active around town
  • I would love for parents to encourage kids not to pack headphones, but that too will be left to your discretion. My hope is that during downtime we will be able to keep the conversations going as much as possible.
  • No laptops allowed. 

Attendee List

  1. Jeremy Spainhour*
  2. Jacob Dorrell*
  3. Nick Kulaga 
  4. Paul Lewis
  5. Tanner Sunny
  6. Shane Napier
  7. Aaron Schlenther
  8. Matt Morris 
  9. Andrew Nesselroade
  10. Jason Davis
  11. Brian Davis
  12. Drew Rinehart
  13. Carson Roach
  14. Justin Iler
  15. Ellie Long
  16. Maddie Frank
  17. Meredith Frank
  18. Bailey Brown
  19. Sascha Stryker
  20. Morgan Hillis 
  21. Julie Berisha
  22. Liria Berisha 
  23. Keldy and Kezek Spainhour* (just driving)
  24. Courtney Ragozine* (another leader, but we are waiting to hear whether or not she can get off work). 

*Designates leaders


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