ATTN BOOMERS: Letter from a So-called Millennial

If you want pics and videos check out “The Gathering: FAC Youth” page. Also, thanks for your prayers. This group is really bonding! That IS my biggest prayer for the week!

Below are my reflections from the session I attended this morning: “Identity in a Post-Church Generation.” 


If I could go on record in response to the “Identity for the Post-Church Generation,” what we so-called millennials don’t need from you “boomers” is a frenzied attempt to accommodate all our cultural forms. There is nothing more pathetic than a boomer in skinny jeans. There is a reason our generation is so transient and entertainment oriented. It is because we are looking for something that is not transient, not fleeting and thus unfulfilling. We are looking for something that abides in a cultural that has a displaced hope in change. When you wear skinny jeans and seek to entertain us rather than lead us into worship, you point us back to ourselves, where we are sure nothing abides, hence the search. Moreover, you suggest to us that neither have you found anything that transcends the restless hopscotch of the cultural milieu. We look at your ridiculous pants and see a meaningless world.
We need you to give us the Gospel, the abiding Word that our generation has proven to be unable to articulate. Give us tradition, too. The assumption that you need to contextualize culture so as to remove the seam between it and church only suggests to us the church has nothing unique to offer, other than a “a Gospel on the side.” Our culture has learned to judge every book by the cover–since we can’t read–so if you try to package the infinite in the disposable, we are just going to throw it out with the last generation of the iPhone. We don’t need new packaging. What we need is something obviously old, something obviously alien; something that requires sacrifice, repentance, and letting go in order to take hold of. We need something bigger and more permanent than ourselves or our Internets; something that connects us not a virtual world but to an eternal one. We need Jesus. We need to know that we need Jesus. We need to be damned and saved, so please don’t back down from giving us that. And perhaps if you did, we wouldn’t be so demanding of the kind of “church” you are giving us. So please, Boomers, invest in some pleated pants.
A Millennial

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