Death Race Results!

Greetings from the Great White North!

I’m writing to announce the successful completion of the Canadian Death Race, a 125 km (80 mi) ultramarathon through the Canadian Rockies, which I set out to complete to raise money for the FAC Youth Scholarship Fund. During the Spring fundraiser we handed out pledge cards for the church community to put a coin or dollar amount for every kilometer I completed, and then threw up a hail mary the day before the race on facebook to invite others to offer their support in the same way.

Now that the race is completed and all the pledges tallied, it looks like we ended up raising $1,538.47!!! All of that money will be used to help bring kids in and send them out. Thanks for partnering in this venture. The support of the church community has been an invaluable motivation along the way!




5 thoughts on “Death Race Results!

  1. Oh my!!!!!!! You are incredible!!!!! That is a feat I have never i mean never seen matched!!!! Wow!!!!!!!! Is all I can say. Thank you for all you do. You are above and beyond. My deepest thanks.

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