Fall Retreat–Pine Paradise, Oct. 25-27!

Fall retreat is going to be something of an experiment this year. We are going to try out a new location: Pine Paradise on Nolan Lake near Mammoth Cave National Park. Each year our group maxes out the worship room at Bluegrass Christian Camp, so finding a new location has been on the radar for awhile now. And this place is incredible! We are booked for October 25-27. The cost will be $75 per student plus a snack donation for the group 🙂 (guys salty, gals sweet).

Another reason we are going to try this place out is because this year I would like to have some parents join us, and this place will be suitable for all audiences, from the rugged to the refined. This is one step toward seeing a more integrated family ministry, which is what all youth ministry should be. If you a parent interested in going, please email me and let me know! 

Please RSVP you/your kids at your earliest convenience, so we can figure out the driving situation with adequate time to spare.



4 thoughts on “Fall Retreat–Pine Paradise, Oct. 25-27!

  1. I believe Jacob Bame will be attending. Possibly a parent. We will have to get back to you with that. Thanks, The Bame Family Sent from my LG phone

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