New Wednesday Night Meeting Times

As I mentioned at the luncheon on Sunday, we will no longer be providing meals for Wednesday night Life Groups at the Church. There are a number of reasons that inform our decision, but one has to do with our ability to keep to a Wednesday night itinerary, which is not easy to do when kids arriving at different times have to be waited on to finish eating at different times. Furthermore, it makes sense to align our closing time with the middle school ministry for those parents with kids in both programs.

That said, our new scheduled times for the Wednesday night program will be 6:30-8:30. I will appreciate the efforts to drop off and pick up students on time, and I will do my part to end on time. To speak specifically to one issue in this regard, there have been a number of occasions where I have been left with only one student while waiting on parents. That is a situation I would like to avoid, but I cannot expect my youth leaders to wait with me indefinitely, as I have to honor their time as well. So for all of us to remain above reproach, time is of the essence!

I hope this is helpful for everyone. I appreciate all of us working together to see this ministry improve!



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