West Jess. Students–Special Announcement for Sunday

This post is from Lena Kulaga, who has arranged an after-church activity for WJHS students who attend First Alliance. We hope that you/your kid(s) will participate in this holiday activity to bless our WJHS teachers by making for them a token of our appreciation!

From Lena:

West Jessamine High School Students & Families!!!  Remember giving your elementary teachers colored pictures and gifts to say “Thanks” for all they do?  That all seems to stop as you get older (good thing because coloring them a pic in high school might be a little odd), yet we still appreciate our teachers and their hard work!  During this Thanksgiving season let’s show our appreciation for WJHS teachers and staff! It will take less than 30 min! We’ll meet in the gym dining room after church THIS Sunday, Nov. 24!  Bring a roll of Scotch tape and we’ll quickly tape a mini candy bar onto a simple note of Thanks coming from FAC WJHS students and families.  It may seem small but it will mean a lot!  We’ll put them in their mailboxes Mon. morning giving them a nice start to Thanksgiving week! We’ll end our time with prayer for our teachers, school and the principal search!


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