Marriage and Family Conference, Jan. 10-11


Dave and Donalyn Curriehigh school sweethearts for 40 years this year and founders of Doing Family Right, a ministry that “exists to share the non-negotiable difference that Jesus makes in a life, a marriage, and a family and to teach people God’s timeless truths that challenge relationships for the better” (from website).


Dave has a Ph.D. in Education with a Focus on Marriage and Family from Trinity Divinity School, has spent over 30 years in marriage and family counseling, 15 years in pastoral ministry in youth and college and executive roles, eight years as the National Director of Family Life (of Campus Crusade for Christ), and six years as host of Marriage Uncensored, an international T.V. show that aired 185 episodes with an average of ¾ million viewers from eight different countries. Donalyn, however, turns out to be the more clever (and far more charming) of the two, and together with Dave has led over 500 marriage conferences all over the world, the ministry that is the heartbeat and passion of their life calling.

Oh yeah, they’re Canadian…and my in-laws, but let’s try not to hold either of those facts against them. Besides, they’re headed in the right direction, because on January 10-11 they will be hosting their iParent and Fusion 2.1 marriage and family conferences here at FAC (see summary video here)! Keldy and I have attended two conference weekends, and both were incredibly formative in shaping our walk together as husband and wife, father and mother. There is no better investment than sowing wisdom and encouragement into the relationships that most determine our quality of life, and that is exactly what Dave and Donalyn will do.

For more info about the weekend, see the link on our webpage.  Dave will also be preaching for both services on January 5, so hopefully you’ll get a chance to meet them then. Ask Pastor Steve about current events in Hockey if you need an icebreaker…
Hope to see you there!




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