Do You Have Friends Whose Marriage You’d Like to See Improve?

I wanted to put something out there as an opportunity for you all. As you likely know by now, this weekend FAC is hosting a parenting and marriage conference Friday and Saturday with Doing Family Right ministries.

First of all, I would love for all of the parents of our youth who are available to come. There is no better investment than the one you can make for your marriage and family in light of your faith! Period. 

But I wanted to give you guys some incentive to reach out to friends of yours whose marriage might be limp, dying, perhaps on the verge of an explosion. Or maybe you just have some friends who you think would want to invest in their marriage, because their marriage is already thriving, and any marriage that is already thriving is a marriage that is already committed to lifelong investing in itself and its family.

Whatever the case, if you bring a couple from outside our church, we will pay for their participation in full. This gives you an opportunity to reach out to the people in your world to offer them something with no catch, only blessing. When you register them online, just put this beside their last name (Invited by [your last name]), so we can make a note that they will not owe anything.

Even if you don’t have anyone to invite, I still hope to see you there!




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