Itinerary & Packing List for Winter Retreat

Click here to download Winter Retreat Itinerary. Note that this itinerary does not include the ski option. We haven’t decided which day we will be offering the ski option yet, but it will be either Saturday or Sunday. So, to be clear, we are still offering a ski option.

Packing List:
Money for road trip food ($20) 
Ski Clothes (if skiing) / gloves
Clothes for outdoor games (check the weather)
Tennis Shoes, rugged shoes / boots
Bible (physical Bible, not digital)
Notebook / Journal
Bedding (pillows, sleeping bag, sheets, etc.)
Snacks (if they want extra food)
Cards/ Games

Suggestion: LEAVE YOUR PHONES & IPODS AT HOME! It’s a suggestion, not enforced, so no one needs to give me their reasons for why they insist on bringing theirs. The point is to get unplugged from our selective, controlled, superficial, virtual communities, in order to get plugged into actual community with God and one another. 

Rule: No laptops or iPads / tablets permitted. 


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