Winter Retreat in Retrospect

There was the smell of mountains and the smell of clogged toilets.

There was the taste of salty coffee and the taste of victory [by only one of the teams in the Amazing Race, of course, which just happened to be my team…by like 20 minutes…not that it matters].

There was a ski slope and only ski slope. 

There were tears of joy and tears of pain–bleeding hearts and bleeding noses.

There was God and there was us.

As Jonathan Hansen, Zach Monroe and I planned the weekend, we settled on a general theme to give us each a broad space to pray and seek the Lord for a message. We settled on Deep & Wide, but, as Jonathan noted last night after our final session, “I’m pretty sure the real theme this weekend was just Deep.” It was remarkable to witness the Spirit unfolding the same essential message through each of us: Exposed in Guilt, Forgiven in Grace. It was a place where it was safe to be honest because it was safe to be guilty, and it was safe to be guilty because that’s where God meets us in Christ.

Rather than going into detail or trying to convey in words what words cannot convey, I would encourage each of you to bug your kids to tell about how God spoke to them. He. Did. Speak. I’m certain of it. Take advantage. Hear their testimonies of God’s amazing grace, of the “Treasure Hunting” God who found them in the most unexpected of places. 

Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers. I know God was moved by the heart of parents as much anything this weekend, so I don’t take for granted your support.

“There is no pit so deep that Jesus is not deeper still.” ~Corrie ten Boom



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