Pray for Jake Cunningham

Pray for Jake

Jake Cunningham was in a sledding accident today and is currently in ICU being monitored. It is too early to determine a prognosis but he does have a brain injury. The CT Scan came back with positive results–no severe swelling and only two small spots of blood. The results cleared him from having to have emergency surgery, but the next few days will be critical to keep swelling from becoming an issue. There were a few other minor injuries that weren’t a major concern to the doctors.  This early diagnosis is based primarily on his behavior–he was responsive but incoherent, confused, in pain and threw up on the way to the hospital–but right now it is just a waiting game–a praying game.

Prayer Points:

-Against swelling
-That there would be no further bleeding in his brain
-For quick healing of the minor injuries; no added stress
-For peace that passes understanding to be the testimony of the ‘meantime’ (for the Cunninghams and the Setzers–Alex was with him when the accident happened)
-Patience to be inspired with trust, not despair

-That God would do what only God can do and will do it for the glory of his name: full recovery!
-That the uncertainty of today will become the testimony of tomorrow
-That the Body of Christ would band together through all of this and the Cunnighams and Setzers would experience the profound love of the family of God
-That in due time we’ll remember this day and say, “Our God is faithful!”

I will post updates as they are available.




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