Easter Outreach to Embrace

Easter Outreach to Embrace: Serving our homeless brothers and sisters at Embrace Church in Lexington with the bread of earth and feasting together on the Bread of Heaven.
Starting this week, we’ll be collecting items for the food pantry at Embrace Church in Lexington:
  • Canned meats, pastas/stews (ravioli, chili, etc.), soups, peanut butter
  • Canned fruits & vegetables
  • Boxed pastas and canned/jarred sauces, Ramen, boxed rice
Then, on Monday, April 21, the day after Easter, we will head downtown to deliver food, as well as serve dinner but also eat with them, after which we will be leading an Easter themed worship gathering for them with music, a skit, and a testimony.
*We have to limit our number to 20 people for this ministry, but I am developing a relationship with their outreach pastor and we are exploring ways to have a semi-regular partnership, so if you aren’t able to be involved this time, there will be times in the future. Given the downtown location of Embrace Church, they have a far more natural access to the community needs than our church, so this could be a great prospect for future outreach opportunities. Ideally, of the 20 who come, I would like to have four to six parents involved, so please email me if you are interested. Either way, everyone can participate in the food drive, so please send your food items with your kids on Wednesdays and Sundays for the next few weeks!
Thanks for your participation!

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