CMA|DNA: The Fourfold Gospel & Christian Identity (Weds. Night Series)

cma dna


Over the next eight weeks we will be in a series for our Weds. night life groups called “C&MA|DNA: The Fourfold Gospel & Christian Identity.” The Fourfold Gospel is the “Christological summary on which the core values of the Christian & Missionary Alliance are based” (from the website of the C&MA national office). This is one aspect of the C&MA that I appreciate so much, namely, that our theology is radically Christ-centered. It is that Center which gives us an unshakable ground on which to stand, to unite, and to invite, majoring on the Major and minoring on the minors. It is narrow in its focus but wide in its welcome–mere Christianity–which keeps us from splitting hairs over all those things the devil loves to use to divide up the Church! But Christ divided up his very body in order to unite the Church, so insofar as the Church consists of those who participate in the life of the Crucified One by the Spirit, we must consistently allow ourselves to be confronted with Paul’s question over our quibblings: “Is Christ divided?!” Indeed,  “Christ did not send [us] to baptize but to preach the gospel!” (1 Cor. 1:13, 17). 

So over the next eight weeks we will be exploring this Gospel–the C&MA|DNA–that we have been called to preach with a particular view to Christian identity (our “DNA”) since too often we tend to think of the relevance of the Gospel as the threshold through which unbelievers need to cross in order to go to heaven. Instead, in this series we will see that the Gospel cannot be adequately understood as merely the threshold to heaven but rather should be more holistically understood as the household of God. So it is with that analogy that we will proceed, with four teachings and four discussions alternating each week for the next eight weeks.

  • 4/2 – The Threshold: Christ our Savior 
  • 4/16 – The Dining Room: Christ our Sanctifier
  • 4/30 – The Living Room: Christ our Healer
  • 5/14 – The Back Porch: Christ our Coming King





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