Around the Corner: End of Year and Early Summer Events

There are a few changes from the original summer plans/dates, owing to the extended school calendar in Jessamine Co.

  • April 21–Easter Outreach to Embrace
    • See announcement here.
    • Let me know if you are interested (parents and kids) in participating.
    • We are still taking up food for the food drive.
  • June 8 (changed to JUNE 1)–RITES OF PASSAGE
    • Rising Freshman welcomed into High School gathering
    • Senior Sendoff: 12:15-2:00
      • Parents, please prepare a word of blessing to your graduating son and/or daughter. You may want to include a verse or passage of Scripture and give it to them in a card. Please RSVP so that I can prepare something for parents who will not be able to participate. 
        • I’ll be presenting the seniors with a gift and having them present the rising freshman with a gift, which will begin a tradition that will serve as a rite of passage annually for both freshman and seniors!
  • June 20-22–Summer Camping Trip
    • Details forthcoming.
  • We will be meeting on Wednesdays throughout the summer. 
    • Our focus will be on the whole group connecting during our summer gatherings.

One thought on “Around the Corner: End of Year and Early Summer Events

  1. Samantha will join you as a new freshman June 8 She would love to do the camping trip except it is the weekend she is in Peru

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