Opportunity to Learn & Serve: Drug Training at FAC for All God’s Children

Next Friday, May 16 5:30-9:30 in the Lower Auditorium, the Youth is sponsoring a drug training event for the girls at the teen pregnancy center All God’s Children (the same ones we took on a progressive dinner back in December). This will be beneficial as a preventative measure for students (there will be an extended discussion on gateway drug use) but also for parents in how to detect early signs of drug use or vulnerability to it, but also for prevention and/or addressing issues with drug use in its various stages.

At this point, we have attending 14 staff, 8 residents, 8 foster parents, 13 kids (from AGC) and a few teachers from local schools. This will be a great time to connect with people from outside our church community!

That said, we are opening this up for any parent and/or student who would like to participate at no cost, but we also are in need of servers (participators can serve as well). Ideally, we could use about 10 people (parents and/or students) to help prepare and serve snacks and desserts.

Please let me know if you would (1) like to participate, (2) be able to make a snack and/or dessert, (3) help serve, or (4) some combination of the above!

Please respond to info@faclex.com



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