Senior Sendoff–TIME CRUNCH–Need to Begin Promptly after Church–Food Will Therefore Be Provided

To those planning to participate in the senior sendoff, it has been brought to my attention that the West Jessamine baccalaureate is on Sunday at 2:30, so I’ve been informed that the WJ crowd will need to leave around 1:45. Hopefully, then, we can start eating immediately and start the ‘sendoffs’ at 12:10 on the dot. I want to avoid as much as possible people having to leave before or while one of the students is being honored, so the sooner we can start the better.

That said, rather than having a potluck we will be having it catered. It will be helpful to have financial contributions commensurate to the number of people you plan to have in attendance.

  • 12:00: Begin eating as people file in
  • 12:10: A word of encouragement about the year
  • 12:15: Begin with the sendoffs (WJ students first)

Below are the students from whom I have received confirmation. If each parents spends no more than seven or eight minutes on their blessing, verse and/or word of encouragement to their kids, no one should have to leave until every student has been recognized. Thanks for working together to make this happen!

  • Stephan Stryker
  • Tommy Henry
  • Shane Napier
  • Noah Dixon
  • Maddie Frank
  • Kaylee Chilver
  • Morgen Hillis
  • Tanner Sunny
  • Matt Marcum
  • Jason Davis




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