Camping Trip Details

  • Departure
    • Friday, June 20–meet and pack between 4:45-5:15
    • Leaving FAC at 5:20
  • Return
    • Sunday, June 22–Arriving back at FAC by 12:00
  • Theme & Prayer

    • Theme: Hearing God’s Voice
      • Over the weekend we will be exploring one of the greatest truths that sets the Christian faith apart from all other world religions in a grand and audacious claim about its God and its people: that he Speaks and that we can hear him. We will indeed learn about this biblical claim but, more importantly, we will seek the living God to break through the noise of our busy lives to hear him call us each by name, so that we might answer with the greatest hearers in Scripture with the only words proper in the presence of the living God: Here am I! Send me. 
    • How to Pray
      • Please pray for God to soften hearts so that we could preempt the voice of God with the only possible precondition for truly hearing from him: a willingness to say yes! to whatever he might call us to do. 
  • Itinerary 
    • Friday
      • Arrive at 7:00, unload, set up tents / hammocks
      • Word of orientation for the weekend
      • S’mores and shenanigans: SARDINES
      • Midnight: lights out
    • Saturday
      • 7:30-8:30–Breakfast
      • 8:30-10:00–Bible reading for personal reflection and prayer (explained once there). You will need a journal for this
      • 10:00-12:00–Games
      • 12:00–Lunch (Open time for sharing from morning reflection)
      • 1:00-6:00–Swimming / Hiking / Climbing
      • 6:00-6:30–Return, put on more deodorant, dry clothes
      • 6:30-7:15–Dinner
      • 7:15-8:45–Worship and Word
      • 9:00-whenever-Capture the Glowstick!
      • Midnight: lights out
    • Sunday
      • 7:30-8:30–Breakfast
      • 8:30-9:45–Discussion based on previous sessions
      • 9:4510:10–Pack up
      • 10:10:15–Depart (FYI, we will not leave until everything is better than how it was when we arrived. Let’s leave a stamp of Christian witness at this place!)
  • Packing List
    •  Journal and pen
    •  1 group snack (guys something salty, girls something sweet)
    •  Sleeping bag
    •  Pillow
    •  Towel and toiletries
    •  Change of clothes for two days
    •  Warm clothes for night (dark clothes for hiding)
    •  Flashlight/Headlamp
    •  Camera / video recorder for scavenger hunt / Phone cameras (optional)
    • TENT if you have one (and let me know if you do!)
    • HAMMOCK if you have one (and let me know if you do!)
    • Cost: $35
  • Sleeping Arrangement:
    • P.S. We have 14 beds in 4 cabins. Preference will be given to parent chaperons (so far only the Crockett’s) and girls. The rest of us will stay in tents or in hammocks. First come first serve, ladies! 
  • Last but not LEAST, the place we are staying is making an exception for our group to stay there. They typically don’t allow groups of over 14, but he made an exception for us. To stay here, we will be following the 7 principles of LEAVE NO TRACE. Read about it HERE.





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