Event Calendar for August-November

Hey Family!

Below are links to three printable calendars for August, September, and November. I have also provided the highlights in bullet points below. If you have Google Calendar, you can find the public FAC Youth Google Calendar under the name “The Gathering (FAC Youth Calendar)”. If not, you can still access the calendar by clicking Event Calendar here or in the tab above. Please note regarding online registrations–you can now register online for all retreats (google doc.). Below there is a link to the Back-to-School Bonus Retreat. Online registration for the other retreats will be sent in due time.  As always, scholarships are available if money is tight. Just let me know!


Aug. 2014 Calendar (Annotated): Register for Back-to-School Bonus Retreat here.

Sept. 2014 Calendar (Annotated)

Nov. 2014 Calendar (Annotated)


  • Sun. Mornings through August 24: OT Stories Series. This summer we have been and will continue to revisit OT Bible stories from an adult perspective and with a view to the Gospel.
  • Weds. August 27–Sonic Fundraiser: For this year’s fundraiser the youth will be carhopping at Sonic a couple Wednesday evenings late this summer and/or early this fall (5:00-8:00 pm)! More details to come. Should be a blast!
  • Fri.-Sun. August 29-31 (Labor Day Weekend)–Back to School BONUS Retreat: Since many were unable to go on the retreat earlier this summer, and since I found an awesome new spot in Sadieville that is $20 per person per night (with no added group fees, etc.), we’ll be doing a “back-to-school” retreat at Camp Yahweh (can be found online). See forthcoming announcement. I will start taking RSVPs so that I can arrange for transportation. Any parent who wants to attend is also invited.
    • COST: We’ll keep the cost at $20 per person per night plus $5 per day for food.
    • RSVP: Please go ahead and RSVP here (if you missed the link above) as soon as you know you are going.


  • Sun. Sept. 7 12:30-2:30 Bring-A-Side Parent Luncheon: Our annual parent lunch is an orientation to the year, where parents will be given the 2014-15 calendar, will be able to sign up to help out in various ways, sign waivers for the year’s events, ask questions and share suggestions, insights, prayers. burdens, etc., as we look forward to a year of discipling the next generation of the Church together. This year, I’ll be smoking a bunch of big fat pork butts for pulled pork! 🙂 Please plan to bring a side! 
  • 2014-2015 School Year Sunday Mornings (beginning Sunday Sept. 7)-Luke-Acts Series: We will take this school year to go through the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts, seeing how the Israel story that climaxed in Jesus continued, and continues, through his Church. I have purchased the study guides from the LifeChange Series curriculum (NavPress) for all our life group leaders, but I will make them available for any student who commits to using them consistently as well as any parents who want keep up with us and perhaps integrate it into or begin family devotions.
  • Weds. Sept. 10–Life Group Kickoff: By this time we will have a good idea of our leadership commitment and will be able to split up into life groups. I would encourage you to contact me as early as possible with any special requests for you/your children.



  • Nov. 14-16 Pine Paradise Fall Retreat: We are going BACK to Pine Paradise on Nolan Lake near Mammoth Cave National Park. This place was a hit last year! Guys, bring a salty snack, girls something sweet. .
    • Cost: $75

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