Excerpts: Food for Thought & Conversation–Video Series of Conversation Starters For the Family Around the Table (one night a week)

We had some great discussions in our first night breaking up into Life Groups this week. As I mentioned at the Parent Luncheon, each week I’ll be sending out a short video that highlights a passage from our readings and something from the discussions it generated (for the reading schedule, click here and scroll to the bottom of the post).

The goal with these videos is simple: that they would create a bridge between our conversations about God and with God in the Church and our conversations about and with God in the homes. It’s important that I continue to remind myself that my best investment is to help provide us as parents with resources and reinforce the discipleship that is happening in the home–the primary context for discipleship. So these will be great to get us all on the “same page” in Scripture and open up conversation with our kids, making it more natural for them to speak of God in relation to their, so that they can begin to see that God is in relation to their world, something we all continually need to be reminded of.

This is a link to the introduction video. The sound quality isn’t great, but it will be better next week (I’ll use my office computer). Plus, I’ve got a couple people helping me with graphics/illustrations, so these will only continue to get better. I hope they do the job of helping families get in a routine of sitting down together for dinner (at least) once a week and having conversations about God and with God!


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