Let’s Get Acquainted: Supper with the Spainhours

As our church grows, it’s getting easier and easier to function less and less like a family–but “that is what we are” (1 Jn. 3:1). But my hope is that this year, 2015, we could begin to get to know each other in the way we are known by God. So Keldy and I (and our boys) would love to come to your homes for some family meals: we’ll bring the meat, you provide the sides.

Every other Friday, beginning January 9, we’ve opened up our calendar in hopes of filling it with ‘family’ meals with your families! I’ve listed the dates below. As I hear back, I’ll cross off dates and keep this post updated. Hope to feast with you soon!

  • 1/9
  • 1/23
  • 2/6 Millers
  • 2/20
  • 3/6
  • 3/20 Woods
  • 4/3
  • 4/17

If none of these dates work for you but you would still like to get together for a meal, let me know and we’ll be sure to work something out.

Call/text (336-689-9636) or email me (jeremys@faclex.com) to let me know.




6 thoughts on “Let’s Get Acquainted: Supper with the Spainhours

  1. We would love to have you guys over for dinner. Our calendar is a bit up in the air until we know what the b-ball schedule will look like. Can we do a Sunday afternoon instead?

    – Laura Brown

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    1. Hey Laura, unfortunately I have meetings every Sunday after church (I alternate between leader meetings and teaching sessions for Tell The Story). But we are flexible! We could possibly do a Sunday dinner?

  2. I love this idea!! Thanks so much Jeremy! Please put us down for February 6th at the Millers– Dave, Jen, trey, izzy, Ella, Ava, and Zeke. PS…Please let me provide ALL of the meal 🙂

    Jennifer Miller Nature’s Expressions 859-537-0371 cell 859-885-0015 office


  3. Jeremy,Did you still have some dates open? We’d love to have you and your family over for dinner. Shannon Chilver

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