Register Here for the Winter Ski Retreat!

This year’s Winter ski retreat will involve a day of actual skiing at Sugar Mountain Ski Resort in NC! We will be staying at the Candlestick Retreat Center over President’s Day Weekend. The cost of the trip will be $100 with a $75 ski option (so $175 for those who plan to ski). For those who do not want to ski, there are tubing ($30), ice skating ($20), and snowshoeing ($25) options at the resort, but I will only be collecting money for the ski option, so students opting for either of the latter will be responsible for bringing money to pay accordingly.

Also, students should plan on eating before we leave on Friday and/or bringing a packed meal. We will only stop at a gas station on the way there. They will need money for fast food on the ride home.

The Skinny 

  • Registration Fee Due by Sunday, Feb. 1: $100
  • Ski Fee Due by Friday, Feb. 13: $75
  • Arrive at FAC: 4:45p
  • Depart–Friday, Feb. 13: 5:15p
  • Return–Monday, Feb. 16: 3:00p

To access the Registration form, click here (pay in person or by mail: 2201 Old Higbee Mill Rd. 40514). 


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