Theme, Itinerary, Packing List for the Ski Retreat

The Gospel of Freedom:  STAND. WALK. RUN.

Our theme for the retreat comes from Galatians 5, which begins with a shattering declaration and a truly liberating command:  “For freedom Christ set us free; stand firm therefore, and do no submit again to a yoke of slavery” (Gal. 5:1).

Paul then continues by spelling out what this looks like in the life of the Church, a community where the miracle of love and all its predicates (5:22-23) are peacefully enjoyed as the Spirit opens the way for all to freedom from sinful cravings and the chaos that selfishness ensues (Gal. 5:19-21).

And for this Paul provides a clear order and an implied end which mark our way forward into freedom.

  • STAND: First, there is a truth we must stand in, which is itself the absolute power of our freedom.
  • WALK: Second—and only second!—we must begin walking without ceasing to stand in that truth, which means that even as we walk there is some Solid-Rock reality that reminds us that our walking is always and only the effect—never the cause!—of our freedom.
  • RUN: Third, Paul suggests that before the Galatians forgot how to stand they were running with Wind of the Spirit to their backs (Gal. 5:7), pointing all of us to a freedom that knows no limits.

Basic Itinerary

DEPARTURE: Friday at 4:30-5:00 (we’ll leave as early as everyone gets there, but definitely by 5:00)

Friday Night: Orientation

Saturday Morning: Worship session followed by quiet time in the mountains!

Saturday Mid-Morning: Small group time

Saturday Afternoon: Group hike

Saturday Evening: Worship session and prayer time in groups

Saturday Night: Shenanigans

Sunday Morning-Evening: SUGAR MOUNTAIN SKI RESORT!

Sunday Evening: Worship session and prayer time in groups

Sunday Night: Shenanigans

Monday Morning: Leave at 10:00a, arrive around 2:00p or 3:00p

Packing List:
WARM CLOTHES: We’ll be in the mountains!
Ski Clothes (if skiing) / gloves
Tennis Shoes, rugged shoes / boots
Bible (physical Bible, not digital)
Notebook / Journal
Bedding (pillows, sleeping bag, sheets—whatever you prefer.)
Snacks (if they want extra food)
Cards/ Games

SuggestionLEAVE YOUR PHONES & IPODS AT HOME! It’s a suggestion, not enforced, so no one needs to give me their reasons for why they insist on bringing theirs. The point is to get unplugged from our selective, controlled, superficial, virtual communities, in order to get plugged into actual community with God and one another by his Spirit as we center our weekend on Christ!

RuleNo laptops or iPads / tablets permitted. 


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