From my heart to yours!

Good morning everyone! As I reflect on yesterday’s morning I am amazed at God’s use of each moment as a teaching tool. Pastor Steve and I do not always talk about our teaching topics for Sunday and rarely teach on the same subject matter yet I realize more every week how God orchestrates the first and second services, weaving them together in unexpected ways!

Yesterday in my own teaching I mentioned Pastor Steve’s sermon at least 5 times or more and how it tied into what I was talking about. I understand it is difficult to carve out time to attend both services. Hope and I struggle to pull it off sometimes and it’s just the two of us! That said, I strongly encourage you to consider becoming a two service family. I know I have mentioned this before and I heard Jeremy say the same but I was reminded again yesterday how Jesus truly does unite His message through multiple messengers in multiple spaces with multiple groups of people. I know getting to both services can be trying but I believe it is an investment worth making the effort for! Thanks so much, I pray you have a great Monday morning!


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