Our EXCITING next 4 Sundays!

This Sunday, Jan. 17, our own Tim Vetters is teaching which we are all excited about!

The following 3 Sundays, Jan. 24, 31, and Feb. 7 we are doing a series that couples with the main service called “God is Growing Me.” It is a family affair, joining Route 56, I-78, FACyo, and Parents! Check out all the information below to see what role you will play!

Sermon series: God Is Growing Me
Join us January 24, 31, and February 7 for a Sunday morning study of young Jesus as He grew in wisdom, stature, and the favor of God and people. These services will be integrated by design with Sunday School discussions for kids, grade 5 through 12, with special opportunities for parents during the second hour of the morning. It’s a perfect opportunity for families to worship together and then study and grow with peers around common themes. Why not jump-start new growth in the new year by making those weeks double-session Sundays for your family!

January 24 – “Growing Wise” / Luke 2:51-52
Route 56 – Relationship series: Parents
Interstate 78 – Purity series: What is a man/woman of God?
High School – Jesus is our example of wisdom (1 John 2:28-3:10)
Parents – Go out and enjoy a wonderful breakfast together as a couple with a fun interactive booklet that you
can pick up at guest services.

January 31 – “Growing in God’s Favor” / I Samuel 2:12-26
Route 56 – Relationship series: Grandparents
Interstate 78 – Purity series: What is God’s intentions a relationship?
High School – How do we know we are from God? (1 John 4:1-6)
Parents – Head down to the lower auditorium for individual quiet time and walk through a special set of prayer
stations as a couple.

February 7 – “Growing in the Favor of Others” / Esther 2:5-9, 15-18, and 7:3
Route 56 – Relationship series: Friends
Interstate 78 – Purity series: What are the struggles in a relationship?
High School – How do we treat each other? (1 John 3:11-24)
Parents – Enjoy breakfast together with other couples who have children the same age as yours! Head over to the
gym for a time of fellowship and food.  RSVP for this special breakfast by clicking here!


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