Big Week!

Good afternoon everyone! This is an exciting week for FACyo!

Wednesday we are going to Memorial Coliseum on UK’s campus to listen to Ravi Zacharius speak. He is a world renowned apologist, you will not want to miss it! Parents and students are welcome! We will meet at the church at 5:45 to drive over to UK. If you cannot be at the church by then, no problem! Meet us at the Coliseum at 6:30! We will gather outside the doors and all sit together. This is a COMPLETELY FREE EVENT! Hope to see you there 🙂

FRIDAY is the LAST DAY to register for LIFE! I need to know how many to register and, quite unfortunately, pay for everyone up front and do not get that money back if you find out you can’t come. So please be sure you can come! Plus, LIFE is going to better than anything else you could do anyway!! 🙂 Here are the people already registered:

  1. Ashley Wahlert
  2. Ben Lewis
  3. Cameron Brown
  4. Carson Roach
  5. Drew Rinehart
  6. Elijah Cardona
  7. Katie Rinehart
  8. Jasmine Clemons
  9. John Gosper
  10. Jonathan Hutcherson
  11. Justin Iler
  12. Laytham Mangham
  13. Luke Hutcherson
  14. Madeline Mangham
  15. Paul Lewis
  16. Sam McInteer
  17. Shane Stryker

Leaders are:

  1. Dan McPherson
  2. Hope McPherson
  3. Jacob Dorrell
  4. Alayna (soon to be Dorrell)
  5. Megan Weinert

You should join us! The link to register is: 


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