What is DIVE? DIVE is simply the word I have chosen to describe the intentional, in-depth Bible study we are doing this summer.

When is DIVE? DIVE will be on Monday nights at 7:00 throughout the summer with a few weeks off for different reasons. The official calendar will be given out at our first meeting, this coming Monday, May 30!

Where is DIVE? DIVE will be held at Dan and Hope’s house – 740 Lauren Dr. Nicholasville, KY 40356

What are we studying? We are going through a book called Can I Ask That? which deals with 8 difficult questions: Can I trust the Bible? Does the Bible contradict itself? Can I be a Christian and believe in evolution? Does God discriminate against women? Is Jesus really the only way to God? What does the Bible say about being gay? Does God endorse violence? How can I follow a God who would let Christians do such bad things?

Why should I participate? This will be an AWESOME way to grow deeper in your faith this summer and get to know some other high schoolers you may not already know as well. I expect this will be a smaller group which is fantastic for getting to know each other better and becoming more intentional in our faith together!

How do I sign up? Simply email me at danm@faclex.com! I look forward to hearing from you!


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