FACyo News 8/1 – 8/7

Good morning everyone! Here are a few things to know for the upcoming week:

  1. No Wednesday night activities this week. Enjoy time together as a family before school starts back up!
  2. Tim Vetters is speaking in the youth service on Sunday. I am preaching in main service.
  3. Parents make sure you have the annual “Year in Preview” meeting on your calendar for Sunday, August 21 after church! The main course and drinks will be provided but please bring a side or dessert to contribute.
  4. Fundraising cards are available, please let me know if you want any to sell. This will help bring down the cost of retreats and trips this year!
  5. The new 2016-17 (tentative) calendar will be uploaded on the blog later today! If your eager to see what’s coming up this year please check it out!

Have a great week! If you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to email me at danm@faclex.com or call/text 859-361-8390. Thanks!


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