A Christmas Devotional

Good morning everyone, this is the devotional I shared at our Christmas Party Sunday night and I thought I’d pass it along!


God chooses a teenager.

That’s right. God comes to a 13 or 14 year old teenage girl and says, you are going to have a baby and He is going to be the Messiah. She asks a few questions and then says, “Let it be with me…”

This teenager lives in a world dominated by gods and Caesars and empires.

Let’s not forget that in Mary’s day there were gods everywhere. There were gods for everything. Some said there were more gods than there were people. And there was also Caesar, who ruled the Roman empire, who was called the “son of God.” There were some famous sayings of the day, “Caesar is Lord,” and “there is no other name under heaven by which people can be saved than that of Caesar.”

But apparently these gods were not the true God for Mary.

God chose a teenager who is part of a people who believe that there is one true God who created all things, and created people in His image. A people who were oppressed and pushed down.

This teenager grew up hearing the story of the one true God who created all things and who created people in His image. Not a story of people creating gods in their image.

But this story was hard to trust sometimes because if you looked around you saw the Roman empire dominating everything and you saw people everywhere worshipping all these other gods.

God chose a teenager who trusted in the one true God and who was willing to say that the true God is the one who is worthy of worship, not the empires who try to be gods.

When everyone else seemed to be trusting the empire, trusting other gods, believing that there was no real hope, no real peace, no real love, no one around without an agenda, no one around who really cared…

Mary, this teenage girl, trusted that God was up to something and that God was faithful and that God was still the one true God.

God chose a teenager who claimed victory and justice and love and compassion and peace (see the Magnificat) when everyone else saw war and injustice and violence and selfishness.

So after Mary hears this news about the baby, she sings this song (Luke 2 called the Magnificat) where she says things like this…

God has brought down rulers from their thrones

And Lifted up the humble

She goes on to claim that God is and will bring justice and true peace and love.

Mary is not afraid to call for justice, to trust God, to claim that there is someone who truly brings hope, peace, and love.

Maybe we can learn from Mary…


Be a blessing today,



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